Pre-K 4 through 5th Grade Youth Faith Formation

About FIRE — Elementary Faith Formation

FIRE for the 2021-2022 year started September 2021
 We are still accepting new students

FIRE is our parish’s youth faith formation for children in Pre-K 4 through 5th grade. The name FIRE reminds us that our goal is not just to educate the minds of our young people but to truly set their hearts ablaze through the Holy Spirit. Together, we seek to educate the mind, the heart, and the spirit in developmentally-appropriate ways that facilitate an encounter with God and plant seeds for lifelong discipleship. This foundation is then built upon in our Edge middle school ministry, Life Teen in high school, and in our various adult faith formation programs.

First Communion Preparation

In addition to FIRE, all children 2nd Grade and above who have not yet received First Communion should sign up for sacrament preparation. For information Click HERE!

Maintaining a Safe Environment

The Cathedral Parish is committed to the safety of our young people, in cooperation with the Diocese of St. Petersburg’s Safe Environment Program.  Learn more about our policies and procedures here.  To report any actual or suspected abuse, click here.

The FIRE program provides an overview of these policies and procedures at our annual parent meeting. 

Office of Faith Formation

Louanne Gerdes, Director
(727) 347-9702 ext. 304

Registration Information

Please complete the registration form. There is a $40 registration fee to defray the cost of materials. Scholarships are available. Please contact Louanne Gerdes, Director
(727) 347-9702 ext. 304

Catechists Needed!

Do you love your faith?
Do you love young people?
If so, God might be calling you to be involved in our Faith Formation program!  Contact Louanne Gerdes for more information.