Jo Mabini Greene

Choosing Wedding Music

According to the Church documents, Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship, decisions about choice and placement of wedding music should be based on liturgical, pastoral and musical judgement.  All three should be considered, since they are aspects of a single judgement. The music should reflect the truth that all the sacraments celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

Secular Music, even though it may emphasize the love of the spouses for one another, is not appropriate for the Sacred Liturgy.  Songs chosen for Liturgy should be appropriate for the celebration: the union of two through Christ.

If desired, a liturgically and musically trained soloist or cantor will be provided by the Cathedral.  Singers outside the Cathedral must be experienced Catholic Church cantors.  Experienced cantors know the nature of the Liturgy and are trained in the unique aspects of singing in a liturgical context.  They should be trained to carry out the ministry of psalmist and cantor for this important role.

In all cases, singers should be aware that their talents are offered at the service of the Liturgy.  Vocalists may sing alone during the Preparation of Gifts or at Communion, provided the music and the manner of singing does not call attention to the singer, but rather assists in the contemplation of sacred mysteries being celebrated.

It is not mandatory to have a singer. Certain parts of the mass should be and can be sung by the organist.

Bridal couples should contact the music director, Jo Mabini Greene, at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.  If your wedding date falls immediately after Christmas and Easter, please contact us 6 weeks prior to your date.  

Arranging a Consultation

Please email Jo Mabini Greene at to set up a consultation appointment.  Consultations are done immediately after the 11:30 A.M. Mass on Sundays.  Music choices will be discussed at the consultation.  It is not necessary for both bride and groom to attend the consultation.