During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding 2020-2021 RCIA classes via ZOOM and utilizing online resources.

Please visit the RCIA CHECKLIST page for important information.

RCIA Registration Form for baptism.

FOR CLASS 9/9/2020: Creation and God’s Plan of Loving Goodness

FOR CLASS 9/16/2020: Divine Revelation & Scripture

FOR CLASS 9/23/2020: The Holy Trinity

For Class 9/30/2020: The Incarnation of Jesus

For Class 10/7/2020: The Mass

For Class: 10/14/2020: The Church – Purpose, Marks, Liturgical Year

For Class 10/21/2020: The Church as Community and its Leadership

For Class 10/28/2020: The Last Things and Purgatory

For Class 11/4/2020: Mary and the Saints

For Class 11/11/2020: The Church – Tour of Church and Symbolisms

For Class 11/17/2020: Advent and The Liturgical Calendar

For Class 12/2/2020 – The People of God, Old Testament Heros

For Class 12/9/2020- Jesus: His Ministry, Passion, and Resurrection

For Class 12/16/2020 – The Early Church & Church History

For Class 1/6/2021 – Sacraments and Sacramentals; Your Prayer Life; Catholic Prayers and Practices; The Rosary

For Class 1/13/2021 – Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, & Eucharist

For Class 1/20/2021 – Sacraments of Healing- Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick

For Class 1/27/2021 – Sacraments of Vocation: Marriage and Holy Orders

For Class 2/3/2021 – The Ten Commandments & The Beatitudes

For Clas2 2/10/2021 – Godly Virtues; Christian Moral Living

For Class 2/16/2021 – Saying Yes to Jesus ; What is Lent?

For Class 2/24/2021 – The Dignity of Life / Ethics of Life

For Class 3/3/2021 – The Way of The Cross: The Scrutinies

For Class 3/10/2021 – Presentation of The Nicene Creed

For Class 3/17/2021 – Precepts of the Church & Faithful Discipleship

For Class 3/24/2021 – Presentation of The Lord’s Prayer & The Meaning of Holy Week

For Class 4/7/2021 – Conversion – A Lifelong Process; Family Life

For Class 4/14/2021 – The Laity, Called to Service & Your Special Gifts

For Class 4/21/21 – The Eastern Rite Liturgy

For Class 4/28/2021 – Your Prayer Life

For Class 5/5/2021 – Discernment

For Class 5/12/2021 – Holiness; Making a Good Confession

For Class 5/19/2021 – First Confessions; Evangelization and RCIA Wrap Up


New American Bible, Revised Edition

Catechism of the Catholic Church

US Catholic Catechism For Adults

  • CONVINCED: Why Would Anyone Become Catholic?
    • The Journey of Faith
    • Divine Revelation
    • Mary and The Saints
    • The Last Things
    • The Holy Spirit
    • Why Do I Need the Church
    • Who Is Jesus?
    • The Paschal Mystery
    • The Bible
    • The Story of Salvation
  • The Elements of the Catholic Mass